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If you’re going to visit Jamaica, you may as well do it during its weeklong festival of Reggae Sumfest 2018 celebrating Jamaican reggae music with concerts, dances, and parties. Jamaica’s summer music festival Reggae Sumfest has been “Promoting music – the universal force” for the past 25 years Reggae Sumfest takes place in mid-July in Montego Bay, the island’s second largest city and a popular tourist destination.


Sumfest Concerts and Pre Events

Events for Reggae Sumfest are spread across Montego Bay with each night of the event featuring a different theme. The main concerts take place at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex (also known as the Bob Marley Entertainment Center) in the suburb of Freeport. Reggae Sumfest kicks off on Sunday with the Sumfest Beach Party at the new Tropical Bliss Beach in Montego Bay.

Other Sumfest pre events include the Sumfest at Sunset Cruise on Monday, All White Party on Tuesday , the Blitz Retro Block Party on Wednesday and the Heavyweight Sound Clash on Thursday that all take place at Pier 1 on the Waterfront in Montego Bay which is a popular open-air seafood restaurant, bar and nightclub for both local and visitors alike.


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Reggae Sumfest, the greatest reggae show on Earth, has earned the reputation of bringing the biggest and best stars to its stage. Over the past 4 years DREAM GETAWAYS TRAVEL has booked hundreds of our clients traveling from across the United States and Canada looking to experience the “The Greatest Reggae Show on Earth”. Our expertise on Sumfest makes us the most preferred, trusted, and premier provider of vacation packages to patrons of Reggae Sumfest worldwide.

Chairman of Summerfest Productions Limited, the promoters of Reggae Sumfest, Robert Russell, said “You cannot find a better event, a better show to come and spend a week and Montego Bay is just a part of that magic. It’s not just reggae, it’s not just Sumfest, it’s also Montego Bay and Jamaica as a destination”. We here at DREAM GETAWAYS TRAVEL couldn’t agreed with him more”.

Because the event is so popular, Montego Bay resorts are often reserved months in advance. It is best to get a hotel room and flights well in advance.